A Review Of Enochian Magic

I assumed you were being planning to continue to be and convince me that LRH experienced Unquestionably no relationship in any respect with Crowley plus the OTO?

You are doing what all “religions” are likely to do. You are rewriting background to make it fewer incendiary or pejorative than it truly is/was.

Lastly, I can get to my Tale in the next remark, but I required to provide you with a couple of main reasons why Atack is currently being willfully dishonest With this (and a lot of of his other) write-up(s) regarding the OTO.

“Atack has no fucking clue what He's talking about. Scientology is manipulative and managing and you simply don’t need to bring in bigots like Atack to attack the OTO and inform a number of lies. This is modern day blood libel.” is fairly fucking offended. You most decidedly have failed to substantiate 1 one factor that Atack explained which might be identified as a “lie”; very the Opposite you might have verified him on some points.

Their output quantities to 1 stroke or rub per line of type, employing their typewriters or computer systems as sex toys. This may lead to sexual dependency on the computer. Significantly-fetched? Points have improved considering that monks illuminated manuscripts and suffered ecstasies.

Devoid of Crowley, it’s difficult to assume Substantially on the dark weirdness from the sixties and its resulting flood of cults and esoteric art. For many occult historians, the Age of Aquarius truly commenced sixty years before, in what Crowley known as the “Aeon of Horus.

What you've stated previously mentioned confirms that “Thelemites” and followers of Crowley can are available in a number of kinds. Naturally Scientology as well as the current OTO are not exactly the same Group or related in any way, but They're branches in the same tree.

Ditto, Aqua! Quite very well reported, certainly. Tony has constructed a community in this article….who knew that could occur? A credit score to all of you all in this article, and particularly to Tony’s steadfastness and his persistent and extensive professionalism, that has established such an astonishingly significant tone to this whole endeavor.

Something assuming that it’s not ice! Ideally home temperature h2o. Regarding a Slinky, it’d be fine provided that it’s plastic or metal coated plastic.

Before I codified Satanism, Therefore enabling me to integrate almost everything of a personal meaning into an acceptable Discussion board, I first regarded the faith of Dogism. The belief procedure manufactured sense, but was too restricting.

A blood libel will be if Atack proposed that OTO murdered folks to obtain the blood. If Crowley or Hubbard or Parsons had mistresses or female followers who have been prepared to squat over a parchment throughout their durations, they were cost-free to do so, and it’s not a blood libel.

JON: It’s also in Blue Sky. Omar Garrison came to discover me during the early 90s, for the reason that he believed the cult was harassing him yet again, and he wanted them to are aware that when they continued, he would give product to me. He experienced appear quite a few thousand miles to produce this point. In return, he showed me The Blood Ritual, which can be an invocation of Hathor (some spell it Hathoor), the Egyptian goddess represented for a noticed cow or, a lot more commonly as a lady with a cow’s head (whatever turns you on. 1 obscure OTO textual content includes a more info young man communing With all the Hathor by owning sexual intercourse having a cow). Hathor is conflated with Sekhmet. The very best description I can find comes from Murry Hope, in Realistic Egyptian Magic, where she states: “Hathor (Athyr), that's connected get more info with Aphrodite, was the daughter of Ra and provider of his divine eye. Hathor was a dual-aspected goddess: as being the benign, celestial cow she was mentioned to nourish the gods, shield Women of all ages, patronise the artwork of astrology and confer the creature comforts of lifetime…But In keeping with some authorities continue reading this Hathor has another side as Sekhmet, the lioness-headed goddess. Perhaps the ancients were endeavoring to explain to us that Electricity can both mend and nourish, when utilized constructively, or break and demolish if applied destructively…Hathor is fairly enigmatic at the best of moments.

It's possible they might redraw town boundaries. Draw a ring around the $ciloon territories and declare them not A part of town.

The distinction between The person or girl who’s a practising Satanist, from an id Satanist is that the training Satanist seems to be at the image, whilst the id Satanist reports the body.

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